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Official Stockist of FiveM Servers

The FiveM Script Store houses servers and server packs for GTA V that are extremely popular.

We provide a variety of dedicated servers for the simulation of boxing, racing, role-playing, etc., in the game. We have supported servers based on ESX, QBCore, NoPixel, and more for creative customizations.

ESX RolePlay Server V33


About FiveM Servers

FiveM is a service that allows players to modify their GTA V games on private, third-party, or other hosted servers.

It significantly enhances the gameplay and allows for stellar modifications to the game, elevating the gaming experience up several notches.

FiveM servers can be purchased at great prices at the FiveM Script Store.

Benefits of Using FiveM Script Store Servers

FiveM servers provide a more elevated gaming experience to the players.

Basically, gamers like to use server mods and third-party servers from FiveM Script Store because of several advantages:

  • They can customize any part of the game when hosted on third-party servers (and not official.)
  • The GTA V game can really be made your own by using a server mod or a third-party server. You can incorporate multiplayer games, role-playing, and custom maps.
  • FiveM servers from our store help you to make the gaming experience even more realistic using mods in greater detail.

FiveM Servers Range

FiveM Script Store offers a stellar range of hundreds of FiveM servers to choose from:

From roleplay servers to custom frameworks, you can find what you need at FiveM Script Store.

Why Do Customers Prefer FiveM Script Store Servers?

At the FiveM Script Store, we provide a no-risk money-back experience. Our premium support is one of the best-loved services by our customers.

Furthermore, all the scripts on our store are tested and checked for authenticity, performance, and quality, enabling a high-quality gaming experience for the players.

Top Ranking FiveM Servers

The FiveM Script Store has mods for servers of all varieties:

Mod Pack Description Rating Price
ESX NoPixel RolePlay Server V2 An excellent server mod for role-playing purposes. 5 stars $250
Boxing Full Server Third-party server for exemplary boxing experience in GTA V. 5 stars $200
Gang Wars Mode Server V1 Server for stimulation of gang wars in GTA V. 5 stars $200

Common Questions About Fivem Servers

What is a GTA server?

GTA V is a game that can be played online on the official GTA V servers where it is hosted. It is not possible to make modifications to official servers.

Why is the FiveM server used?

Using FiveM to play GTA V helps gamers make modifications to their gameplay and improve their enjoyment of the game.

What does a FiveM server do?

FiveM allows players to use their own servers to launch GTA V games with their own modifications and customizations to enhance the gameplay.

Why do gamers use third-party servers?

Gamers like to use TP servers because they allow them to apply customizations in GTA V and play multiplayer games in the same environment.

What kind of servers can I buy?

There are servers that are based on different frameworks like QBCore and ESX, and there are dedicated servers running GTA V role-playing, boxing, etc.

Are FiveM Script Store servers good?

Yes, the FiveM Script Store provides high-quality scripts and items that are put through a stringent screening process.

What kind of customizations does the server allow?

You can customize your game in any way using FiveM Script Store servers. For example, you can play survival mode GTA V using the Zombie Mode Server.