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The FiveM Script Store is your dedicated destination to acquire vetted, quality mods for your GTA V gaming experience on FiveM servers. Especially when it comes to using vehicles or cars in the GTA V RP experience, the FiveM Script Store provides hundreds of choices, including Police Vehicle Packs, GTA vehicle mods, and more.

BCSO Eup Pack V4


FiveM is the leading name in GTA V role-playing mods that enables you to play the multiplayer version of this game on customized gaming servers. It uses the popular and powerful servers. This mod is a community-driven project with the potential to enhance your gameplay significantly.

Benefits of Using FiveM Script Store Vehicles and Cars

There are several reasons why FiveM Script Store vehicles and cars are so popular in the gaming community:

  • Instant downloads of the purchased resources and mods.
  • The license is original.
  • No-risk guarantee for money back.
  • Access to free updates.
  • The resources are 100% open-source.
  • Premium support for the resources or mods the players have purchased.

These vehicle and car packs are available across various geographies for players worldwide. Additionally, the FiveM Script Store offers frequent deals and discounts on vehicles, adding more fun to gaming!

FiveM Vehicles and Cars Range

FiveM Script Store offers a huge range of vehicle and car resources to elevate your GTA V RP gameplay experience:

The FiveM Script Store also offers various versions of each vehicle pack mentioned above.

Why Do Customers Prefer FiveM Vehicles and FiveM Cars?

FiveM Script Store provides exemplary service to its customers, making it the top favorite among them for FiveM vehicles and FiveM cars:

  • Quality assurance: Every resource on the FiveM Script Store is vetted and reviewed thoroughly, making them reliable.
  • Wide variety: You can pick from a wide range of custom vehicles, mods, and vehicle packs to get exactly what you need.
  • Best UI: The user interface of this platform is extremely intuitive, allowing you to find what you want within a few steps. The downloads are immediate.
  • Community: FiveM Script Store is community-driven and extremely close-knit. You can collaborate with other users and share knowledge.

Top Ranking FiveM Vehicles and FiveM Cars

Listed below are the most popular FiveM vehicle packs and cars at the FiveM Script Store:

Mod Pack Description Rating Price
Police Vehicle Pack V3 A mod pack for police vehicles. Check it out here. 5 stars $40
Sheriff Vehicle Pack V1 Instant download mod pack for sheriff vehicles. 4.9 stars $40
Fire Vehicle Pack V2 Entire pack of fire vehicles for GTA V. 5 stars $35
State Trooper Pack V1 Full modification pack for GTA V state trooper cars. 5 stars $45
Police Vehicle Pack V5 The second most popular police car mod pack for GTA V. 5 stars $45

Common Questions About FiveM Vehicles and FiveM Cars

What is the benefit of a car mod in GTA V?

FiveM mods allow players to add more features and characteristics to their vehicles in GTA V.

What kind of CPU do I need to run FiveM mods and GTA V?

You need at least a dual-core, i5 Intel processor with a good graphics card.

How many players does the FiveM server support?

Upto 48 players can play GTA V on OneSync Infinity.

Is FiveM Script Store reliable?

Yes, we are a community-made store providing high-quality vehicles and GTA V car packs.

What else can I buy at FiveM Script Store?

In addition to GTA V vehicles and cars, we store other resources, scripts, and mods to customize your servers.